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Emergency Contact Dial: 000 Police

To contact the Cave Rescue Squad in an emergency use our mobile number:

0428 158 777

For all other enquiries use the mobile number or directly to a committee member for a non-emergency.

Navshield: Wollemi National Park - Squad team report

This year we had two intrepid squad members who had decided to compete in the annual NSW Emergency Services Wilderness Navigation Shield event organised by the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad

Cave Rescue Squad - Search and Rescue Training Exercise Wombeyan Caves

A team of experienced cave rescuers held an exercise to search a given area for a missing tourist.
The scenario took place deep underground with 3 major pitches (underground cliffs), one being over 20 meters. A
lifting system was set up to lift the injured caver up. The "injured" caver was assisted along meandering passages,
through tight squeezes and up numerous small walls and the caver got to the surface in no time at all.

Vertical Training Weekend Report

This weekend was planned for a number of VRA squad members who have completed most of the training but haven't been available on assessment days. We had 7 trainees in total. One from BWRS, Peter R, three from Cave Rescue and three from VRA squads. PCA was the assessor with Dug F, Mark D, Kevin D helping out. This was the first Assessment for the new RTO for Vertical Rescue, and Bill Proctor (a BWRS member) from Safety Access Rescue was along to quality control the modified training program.

Monthly Training

This is a reminder that the Squad's monthly training for May is scheduled for the 11th.

BWRS NavShield Event Announcement

BWRS have put out the formal announcement of this years NavShield, to be held on the weekend of 2-3 July 2011. As usual the location will only be announced at the last minute to simulate a rescue call out.

2011 Remote Areas First Aid Courses

BWRS have just announced the dates for their 2011 Remote Areas First Aid Courses, the text of their announcement is as follows:

Jenolan 2010: Extraction from “Home Sweet Home”

Jenolan 2010: Casualty and Extraction Team Near the 40 Footer

Over the weekend of 30th/31st October 2010 the NSW Cave Rescue Squad, in conjunction with the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust staff, conducted a training exercise at Jenolan Caves. The exercise was billed as an excellent opportunity to bring together recent training, provide valuable experience for many newer members and to work with the local staff who would, most likely, be the first responders in an authentic rescue. This was also the first major exercise since the Squad introduced new vertical cave rescue techniques; techniques that are based on the methods currently in use with many European cave rescue organisations, which seek to minimize the use of equipment while maximizing the progression of the casualty. The Squad first trialed a training package based on these skills with ten members of Squad in early 2010 and it is envisaged that this would form the core of a learning program to meet the requirements of the nationally accredited PUASAR004B Undertake Vertical Rescue public safety training competency.

Australian Resuscitation Council Recommends Change to CPR Protocol

Attached is a media release and update information sheet from St John Ambulance following the recent changes to CPR Protocol. The changes are highlighted below:

Changes are highlighted in bold:
D Check for Danger
R Check for Responsiveness
S Send for help
A Open Airway
B Check for normal Breathing
C Start CPR - 30 chest impressions: 2 rescue breaths
D Attach defibrillator (AED) as soon as available and follow
Continue CPR until qualified personnel arrive or signs of life return
(responsiveness, starts moving, normal breathing)

September Mail Out

Upcoming Training Events

There are a number of upcoming events for the remainder of the year, see the list:

  • Wednesday Training 13th October
  • VRA Annual Conference 9-10 October
  • BWRS Operation Barrington 16-17 October (see below)
  • CRS Jenolan 30-31 October (see below)
  • Sydney to the Gong Ride 7 November
  • Committee Meeting 10th November
  • Training/Christmas Party 8th December.
  • RAFA Course (see below)

Note: training events are open to all CRS members and others by application. Acceptance of non-CRS members is not assured.

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